A Revolution in On Site Targeted Media

VenueBridge On Site Broadcasting Network is a powerful new way to connect with your audience like never before. Antero’s Web-based broadcasting¬†network enables a constant stream of vendor information, a ticker of on-site data and live interviews on the Exhibit show floor.
Our mission is to enhance the excitement of your show floor by helping to drive relevant, timely messages to your audience. Have a live on-site interview? VenueBridge can broadcast it right there through the show. With up to 24 strategically placed screens, your entire audience will be drawn into the broadcast making your message the topic of conversation.

Limitless Opportunities

  • Create an advertising network that gives your sponsors that extra edge to drive traffic to their booth.
  • Include relevant national advertising from major brands to enhance your exhibit’s revenue potential.
  • Include a ticker of timely information on the bottom of the screen. You can even have the data feed sponsored.
  • Perform live interviews with CEO’s launching a new product, or industry mavins sharing valuable insights.
  • Increase virtual/live streaming attendance with an on-demand virtual attendance ticket pass to all content and replays.
  • Our team can even build a commercial for key sponsors on site and put it on air that same day.

Find out how we can help you grow your revenue and create an exciting broadcast network right on the show floor!

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Contact Us

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